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Dr. Lawrence Clayman of the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic in Seattle, WA welcomes those from throughout the West Seattle, White Center and Burien areas. Chiropractic care works in conjunction with physical therapy for a holistic level of care. If you are going to physical therapy by a trained therapist you can add chiropractic practices to your program. These include chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.

Physical Therapy Q & A

by Dr. Lawrence Clayman

What is Physical Therapy and When Is It Utilized?

Physical therapy is one way of treating pain without the use of surgery or prescription drugs. Using physical therapy, a therapist can relax tension in your muscles and nerves. Chiropractic treatment has the same effect, but a chiropractor manipulates your spine and back muscles to alleviate tension. A physical therapist uses massage therapy to restore mobility and remedy pain in the body. These therapists will also give patients exercise plans to do on their own, i.e. at home or a gym.

How Does a Chiropractor Help with Physical Therapy?

The most common way a chiropractic session helps with physical therapy is by complementing it. Through a spinal adjustment, your chiropractor can relieve tension within the nerves in your neck, lower back, and sciatic nerve area. Chiropractic services also include massage therapy, which covers the main difference between physical therapy and chiropractic. By massaging muscles and tendons, a chiropractor can alleviate pain in the same way that a physical therapist can.

What Problems Can Therapy at a Chiropractic Clinic Treat?

Anytime you have issues deep within the muscles or nerves, such as sciatica, you can benefit most from chiropractic care. This is because of the way chiropractic works. It gets to the bottom of the nerves deep within the muscles and spine. Anything associated with this area, such as headaches, lower back pain, lumbar pain, or sciatica, can be relieved using chiropractic as part of a physical therapy program. If you are also going to a physical therapist via your general practitioner or surgeon, please let Dr. Clayman know when you schedule an appointment for physical therapy services. Our goal here at the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Center in West Seattle is to work in conjunction with your healthcare team. This provides you with the best overall treatment.

Thank you for checking out the physical therapy services we offer here at the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Center in Seattle, WA. Give us a call if you have any questions about physical therapy.


Words from our patients

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    "I give Dr. Clayman the highest ratings. He goes out of his way to get advanced training at the best seminars for patient care."

    Steven V.
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    "I've been able to resume my favorite activities without back pain, and the burning sensation I had experienced in my legs for years."

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    "My depression, fatigue, dizziness, digestion, aches and pains have all improved since my regular visits there. A great practice for all ages!"

    Michael B.
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    "Dr. Lawrence is very attentive, and thorough. He is driven to give his patients the best possible care and to teach them how to stay well. He is very organized."

    Mimi G.
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    "The staff are compassionate. Had never damage originating in the neck region, causing numbness and tingling in my left arm to fingers. Within a few weeks symptoms gone."

    Virginia A.
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    "The doctor and staff are a very positive, friendly people and an absolute joy to be around. They really care about their patients which means a lot to people."

    Greenwold B.
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    "I was experiencing chronic and acute back and now the pain is gone and I can do the things I did before. I have my life back. Thank you!"

    Allen D.
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    "My sleep quality has improved greatly since I started my adjustment sessions with this miracle working chiropractor! I have felt a great reduction in anxiety and pain."

    Stephanie W.
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    "The staff, atmosphere, and professionalism from Dr. Perona and Roxbury Spine and Wellness is terrific. Being a physician, I obviously have very high standards."

    Dr. Tiffany S.
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    "I began to get relief immediately, and with adherance to his physical therapy and adjustments, my spine regained its natural, supportive curves. I am pain free."

    Martin L.
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    "I see staff members trusting Dr. Clayman with the most precious things in their lives-their loved ones."

    Al B.
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    " Over the last 2 years my spine has improved 10 fold and my existence is much more enjoyable!"

    Chris W.
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