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Individuals who suffer due to physical pain have few options, which is why they seek out Dr. Lawrence Clayman of the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic in Seattle. They can turn to prescription painkillers that are meant to numb the painful areas. They can undergo surgical procedures to try and get at the source of the pain, without much luck. If they do nothing, the physical pain can become too much to endure. It’s a horrible way to live. Thankfully, your High Point chiropractor at the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic can help those from around the West Seattle, White Center and Burien areas.

Pain Relief Q & A

by Dr. Lawrence Clayman

How Do Chiropractors Provide Pain Relief for Patients?

A chiropractor is able to provide pain relief effectively without using traditional methods. These traditional methods include pain medication and surgery. Chiropractic practice follows that pain can be treated using spinal manipulation. Through spinal adjustments, muscle tension and inflammation can be reduced, which can help reduce pain in those areas. For example, if you are suffering from migraine headaches caused by tension in your neck, you can seek chiropractic care to relieve the tension from your muscles. This will decrease the frequency or degree of migraines you are suffering from, and therefore you are in less pain. Chiropractic care gets to the spinal base of your pain.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment and How Does This Help With Pain Relief?

During your first chiropractic adjustment, you may be a bit nervous or tense. That’s normal, but you can prepare in advance and know what to expect to ease your fears. A chiropractic adjustment at the Roxbury Spine and Wellness Clinic involves hands-on physical manipulation of your spine. You might hear clicking sounds as your bones pop, similar to the experience of popping your knuckles. The reason for a chiropractic adjustment is to correct your spinal alignment. An out-of-line spine will lead to pain, nerve irritation, and decreased joint mobility. Once you have a spinal adjustment these issues will be on route to being resolved. Keep in mind that every patient experiences varying results with chiropractic adjustments. You may feel 100 percent better after your first adjustment, or it may take you a few spinal realignments to get comfortable with the process.

Why Should I Go to a Chiropractor Instead of Getting Back Surgery for Back Pain?

If you are experiencing back pain, you want to see a medical professional. Your pain can be the result of any number of conditions or illnesses. At the same time, you want to keep an open mind with the diagnosis and treatment. While one doctor may say that back surgery and a lifetime of painkillers is in your future, a chiropractor might not feel exactly the same way. By getting a second, or even third, opinion about your back pain you can make a smarter decision about what to do next. Furthermore, your chiropractor will provide you with pain management solutions that are safe and effective.


Words from our patients

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    "I give Dr. Clayman the highest ratings. He goes out of his way to get advanced training at the best seminars for patient care."

    Steven V.
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    "I've been able to resume my favorite activities without back pain, and the burning sensation I had experienced in my legs for years."

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    "My depression, fatigue, dizziness, digestion, aches and pains have all improved since my regular visits there. A great practice for all ages!"

    Michael B.
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    "Dr. Lawrence is very attentive, and thorough. He is driven to give his patients the best possible care and to teach them how to stay well. He is very organized."

    Mimi G.
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    "The staff are compassionate. Had never damage originating in the neck region, causing numbness and tingling in my left arm to fingers. Within a few weeks symptoms gone."

    Virginia A.
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    "The doctor and staff are a very positive, friendly people and an absolute joy to be around. They really care about their patients which means a lot to people."

    Greenwold B.
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    "I was experiencing chronic and acute back and now the pain is gone and I can do the things I did before. I have my life back. Thank you!"

    Allen D.
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    "My sleep quality has improved greatly since I started my adjustment sessions with this miracle working chiropractor! I have felt a great reduction in anxiety and pain."

    Stephanie W.
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    "The staff, atmosphere, and professionalism from Dr. Perona and Roxbury Spine and Wellness is terrific. Being a physician, I obviously have very high standards."

    Dr. Tiffany S.
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    "I began to get relief immediately, and with adherance to his physical therapy and adjustments, my spine regained its natural, supportive curves. I am pain free."

    Martin L.
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    "I see staff members trusting Dr. Clayman with the most precious things in their lives-their loved ones."

    Al B.
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    " Over the last 2 years my spine has improved 10 fold and my existence is much more enjoyable!"

    Chris W.
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