• Changes to Build a Healthier You!

    by Dr. Lawrence Clayman, D.C.
    on Sep 21st, 2016

Replace the coffee and doughnut breakfast for something healthier! Go for a walk after your meal instead of taking a nap! Nutrition and exercise are key to a healthy lifestyle and a long, happy, and joyful life! If you want more ideas to jumpstart your healthy living, keep reading!

Dr. Lawrence Clayman, D.C. at Roxbury Spine & Wellness Clinic urges you to stop smoking, eat a well-balanced diet, drink tons of water, and create and stick to an exercise regimen! Here are some dietary and lifestyle changes Dr. Lawrence Clayman, D.C. recommends that will put you on the right path to a healthier life.

Lifestyle Changes:

Dietary Changes:

Visit Dr. Lawrence Clayman, D.C. at our Seattle office! Dr. Lawrence Clayman, D.C. and the staff at Roxbury Spine & Wellness Clinic can set you up with individualized treatment options such as fitness and nutritional routines that work best for you because we understand that everyone is different!

Author Dr. Lawrence Clayman, D.C.

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